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This is Songdog, the crazy collie mix who wandered into our driveway and adopted us the day before the 2004 presidential election.

Song is a goofy, lovable, wonderful bundle of energy who spends most of his time driving his family crazy. His primary hobbies are teasing Scout, eating anything that will fit in his mouth (and a few things that won't, including part of Ron's recliner), and attaching himself to Emily like a barnacle, as you see him doing in the picture above. He's sweet and smart and well-intentioned and desperately wants to be a good dog, if only he could stay out of mischief for more than five minutes at a time.

We think Song is mostly smooth-coated collie, with some heeler and maybe a dash of Belgian Malinois mixed in. (He's rather small for a collie and has freckles on his legs like a heeler, but he also has a lot of black guard hairs on his back and carries his ears flat against his head when he is happy, which are common Mallie traits.) But -- like all our dogs -- Song himself seems to think he is a human in a fur coat.

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